Fix it, Move up!

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Following a written assessment or mock exam I always expect students to look back over what they did under exam conditions and re-draft it. Asking students to do this without any input first is futile. I have found this tool be a simple but effective tool to fill gaps and address issues. How to: Mark… Continue reading Fix it, Move up!

Sentence Builders & Feedback

Few people reading this post will be new to ‘Sentence Builders’. If you are, welcome on board! Go and check out the wonderful work being done by @gianfrancocont9 , @spsmith45 and @katielockett . Introducing these into my teaching has been, well, a journey. When I first read about them I considered them too restrictive and… Continue reading Sentence Builders & Feedback


As the mock speaking exams approach I am looking for ways to get my students forming high quality sentences spontaneously and with confidence. This (imaginatively named) activity is easy to produce and can be adapted to almost any ability level.  Prep. Select nine generic sentence starters – I try to choose high challenge structures especially… Continue reading Nines

Medium Term Planning

In September I will celebrate my 8th year in the classroom. I feel I have spent those eight years testing, trying and reflecting on how to best deliver an engaging and accessible curriculum (and, let’s be real, one that delivers results too!). In the last couple of years I have worked as part of a… Continue reading Medium Term Planning

Reading Skills: How to

I love this time of year on Twitter. Stressed out MFL teachers all over the country come together in support, laughter and despair. It’s a wonderful messy collaborative time where everybody desperately wants to help as many students as they can to get the grade they deserve in those nasty exams. I, for one, am… Continue reading Reading Skills: How to

Learning Walks: How to make them meaningful

I’ve been much much quieter over here, and on Twitter, this year. It’s not because I have stopped enjoying engaging with this community it is simply because I have been so so busy. Why? In September I took on some extra responsibilities at my school and as such I now work with, and am responsible… Continue reading Learning Walks: How to make them meaningful


Flipcharts. Hardly the newest or most interesting bit of classroom kit. They are, however, cheap and most schools have a few dusty ones lying around unused. This year, my GCSE groups are very mixed so I’ve been looking at ways to facilitate effective collaboration between students of varying ability. Enter flipcharts. I’m going to try… Continue reading Flipcharts

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It’s the start of term, you have new classes and you want to get them engaged and ‘on board’ as quickly as possible. You also want to challenge them to speak in the target language as quickly as  you can. This activity is something I go back to every September and it never lets me… Continue reading Joker

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Feedback Ferris Wheel

As we approach the end of half term five my KS3 students are busy with writing assessments. This generates lots of marking and I am keen to ensure that my team and I do not waste any precious time giving repetitive / unhelpful feedback. We’re grown to love whole class feedback and have tried a range of different… Continue reading Feedback Ferris Wheel