Cinq Par Jour

I’ve had lots of lovely people contacting me recently to thank me for the resources I share here and on Twitter. It’s wonderful to hear about how you have used my ideas and resources and I’m so glad that my tiny corner of the internet is making lives easier and workloads lighter.

Today I thought I would share my latest ‘Twitter find’ and how I’m hoping to use it in my classroom.

I’ve been reading a lot about ‘retrieval practice’ and the following websites and blog posts have convinced me to give it a go.

There are lots of different incarnations of this whizzing around  Twitter so this is in no way original but this my version and how I use it.


Cinq Par Jour!

Screenshot 2018-04-22 at 7.34.06 PM


I like to give my students something to do as soon as they walk in (before books are given out), so this will be done on mini-whiteboards (my all time favourite classroom resource).

Students must choose 5 fruits in an effort to score as many points as possible.

The columns are thematic and spaced. So, in this example the first column is all about hobbies, a theme we studied last year, the second is about film and TV, something we looked at last term and the final theme is all about the home (our current focus).

The rows are skills-focused – these can be changed depending on the competency / age of the class.

Each grid is refreshed at the start of each week which means KS3 students attempt each grid twice and KS4 learners have three chances to improve their score.

The key to making this a short-snappy starter that doesn’t eat away into lesson time is to have a second version of the slide with the answers on. This means students can quickly check their answers. We then celebrate the best scores with stamps, applause or both and then move on.

I am saving each grid into a bank and intend to print them for revision purposes in the future.

I’ve only been doing this for a few weeks so I’m still trying to gauge it’s impact in terms of progress but so far the students do seem to be enjoying the challenge and seem to be comforted by the routine.

If anybody is tempted to give it a try I’ve uploaded a editable version to my google drive which you can find here.

@MissMeyMFL x


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