Fix it, Move up!

Following a written assessment or mock exam I always expect students to look back over what they did under exam conditions and re-draft it.

Asking students to do this without any input first is futile.

I have found this tool be a simple but effective tool to fill gaps and address issues.

How to:

  1. Mark papers. Make a list of common errors.
  2. Talk students through list of common errors – I do this the old fashioned way with a pen and a whiteboard but you could prepare slides, especially when planning for a team.
  3. Create a series of sentences full of the common errors you have identified.
  4. Students start by completing the ‘fix it’ column.
  5. I move around the room supporting as required.
  6. Once students have successfully corrected each sentence they ‘move up’ by extending the sentence.
  7. Students should now feel confident to look back over their own work.
  8. Ask them to highlight any incorrect sentences.
  9. Fix it.
  10. Move up!

fix it move up 1

Really simple and quick to produce!

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